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We currently in its 10th year of operations. Over the years, we have serve thousands of customers and still continuing serving them. 

Starting from the business of drinking water delivery services, we have expanded our product line to indoor and outdoor water filtration system that caters for commercial and personal home use. We do not boast our entity as big or the best one in the market but a humble team that still learning and aim to serve to the best for its potential customers.

In the competitive market of water filtration system and drinking water industry, our philosophy of running the business is simple. We ensure that our products and services are of the highest quality, and we keep our running costs low so that we can pass on the savings to our customers. We want to help our customer to find what they want !!

We believe that every individual deserves quality clean water for their daily consumption. We also believe that every household or organization should be made affordable in accessing of quality water for their daily consumption and other usage.

The main reasons that we enter into this market was because we found out that the water filtration systems in the market are highly overpriced.  The main reasons are as follows:

High rental of shop lots, promotional booths and commercial space in shopping malls
Commission to sales agents, middlemen and downlines (direct selling scheme)
High cost of advertising and other promotional activities (95% of filtration systems in the market are OEM)
The truth is, consumers are paying a high price not for the product quality, but to absorb the sellers' cost of selling!

我们公司做过滤水系统有10个年头了。多年来,我们已经为成千上万的客户提供服务,并且仍在继续为他们服务。从饮用水输送服务业务开始,我们已将产品线扩展到适合商业和个人家庭使用的室内和室外水过滤系统。 我们并不夸耀我们的实体是市场上的大实体或最好的实体,而是一个谦虚的团队,他们仍在学习并致力于为潜在客户提供最好的服务。在过滤水系统和饮用水行业竞争激烈的市场中,我们的经营理念很简单。 我们确保我们的产品和服务具有最高质量,并且我们保持较低的运营成本,以便我们可以将节省的成本转嫁给我们的客户。 我们想帮助我们的客户找到他们想要的东西!!我们相信每个人都应该在日常饮用中获得优质洁净水。 我们还认为,每个家庭或组织都应该能够负担得起日常消费和其他用途的优质水。为了以实惠的价格和高水平的服务提供我们的产品,我们的理念是以数字方式营销我们的产品并为我们的客户提供实体服务。
多年来,我们发现了行业中的一些弱点,作为一个谦虚的实体,我们希望在这一领域提供服务并与众不同。 水过滤系统的负面或恐惧症主要是价格、维护和售后服务。 此外,消费者还对许多声称可以治愈这个和那个的产品和营销噱头感到困惑。因此,我们希望以道德和诚信的方式开展业务。 我们把我们的责任放在首位,我们相信,如果这正确地交付给我们的客户,利润最终会到来。 我们希望帮助我们的客户找到满足他们需求的最佳解决方案,而不仅仅是为了利润而卖给他们。了解这一点后,我们会尽最大努力教育我们的客户,并传授水过滤基础知识和解决他们问题的替代方法。 通过这种方式,我们希望帮助他们做出更好的决策,从而最大限度地降低他们的采购风险。


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